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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Let it Snow and Some Contraction Fun!

Not snow yet but my mom came to school today to change my tree!  Here are the before and after pictures:

My kiddos seem to be having a hard time with contractions...maybe it's because our reading series throws plural nouns (just _s and _es), possessive nouns and contractions at us within a few weeks of each other....who was that genius?  :)  Before I know it, I'm seeing apostrophes all over the place and none of them in the proper place!  So, while reading What Santa Can't Do by Douglas Wood and Doug Cushman, I was inspired to create some VERY basic worksheets that would help my kids.  
So...TA! DA!  
Click here to download!
I know...I actually made time to create something!  Each page focuses on only one contraction at a time.  The children are to circle the two words that make up the contraction in the sentence and then rewrite the sentence using the contraction that just happens to be found at the top of the's a peek:

I left the last sentence open ended on each page to allow my children to complete it on their we're still working on sentence structure too!  If we have an extra few minutes I'm going to have the children illustrate their sentence(s) on the back.  I'm thinking it will make great classwork, seat work or even morning work once they get the hang of it!

I included the following contractions in this packet:  can't, don't, isn't won't, didn't, let's, it's, she's, he's, they're, and we're.

Hope it's something you can use!


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    1. Thanks Jennifer!
      I'm so behind on my blog stalking...hope your Christmas was a good one! Onto the New Year!

  2. #1 I LOVE that book! I read it every year.
    #2 You must use Treasures, because I'm dealing with the same mess right now. I do NOT understand the phonics/grammar scope in this series.
    I will DEFINITELY use this, thank you so much!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First