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Saturday, June 28, 2014

We're Off to See the Wizard...

Hello again!

I wanted to share another unit I created earlier this year.  

I read The Wizard of Oz with my children each year.  I love reading it aloud to my first graders and they always seem to be glued to it.  Thanks to some amazing teachers, I've been able to purchase several of their units and it's always fun to pick and choose from each of them.  I don't like doing the same exact thing each year so it's nice to have a "stash" to pull from.  I love being able to do all of the different activities they develop, but I wanted to have more of a comprehension based unit for my students.  This way, we could read a chapter and then complete the complementing comprehension page(s).   Here's a little peek at what I created:

I am so grateful to all of those teachers that have created Wizard of Oz units that I included a "Shout Outs!" page that shows each unit I've purchased as well as the link for you to purchase it too.  The unit includes a cover page and then additional pages that complement each chapter in the book.  There are also a few writing activities for the children to complete at the end of the unit too.

I read Frank L. Baum's original version of The Wizard of Oz to my students.  I chose this version, published by Penguin (Penguin has a whole line of classical literature called Puffin Chalk...the covers look like they were created on a blackboard with colored chalk.)  
I just love the look and feel of this version.

I love exposing my first graders to classical literature but I was also reminded the hard way that it's very important to read the entire book first.  I know...that was rule #1 in our undergrad courses but I was on a time crunch at this particular moment during the year.  We started reading the original Peter Pan during the winter but I had to make a quick switch to a different version after we started reading a few chapters...that Tinker Bell has a real attitude in the original version!  :)

So, I'm trying to change and update what I'm using as read alouds in my classroom this year.  I've read a few great books that I've fallen in love with but I think they have parts that might be a little too heavy for my first graders.  I'll post about those later...because they were amazing.

Have you read any new chapter books that would be a good fit for first graders?  I'd love to hear what you're reading!

Have a great weekend!

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