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Welcome! I hope to use this blog to share some of the amazing things my class and school does to make learning fun! I have been teaching for 15 years already! I started teaching 3rd grade in a Parochial School, then I was hired to teach 1st grade for three years, was moved to 5th grade for 2 years, and then came back to 1st grade in the district where I attended school. I love that I'm able to give back the the school district that guided me to become the teacher I am today! I have a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, certified 1-8; a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction; and my Administrator License Pre-K-12.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thank God for The Family Dollar Store!

Oh my goodness!  I love getting lost in our "Family Dollar Store"...and there's an even better one about 45 minutes away!  I'm all set for our Beach Day at the end of May!

 I picked up sand buckets and leis (sp?) for everyone.  I also picked up a few beach balls and some of those balls you can soak in water and then throw.  It's the end of the year...chances are it will be warm and the kids will dry! :)  I also picked up some of those fun cocktail umbrellas so that we can make these cute cupcakes.
Sandy Beach Cupcake @ The Cupcake Blog
Then I remembered that I already purchased a fun beachy unit from Anna Brantley at Fun-n-First so we'll be spending that last week (what's left of it after Memorial Day and Fun Day) having fun at the beach!  28 Days left!  Click here to find Anna's Fun in the Sun Math and Literacy Center Packet @ Teachers Pay Teachers.

This week we're reading "The Kite" from Frog and Toad are Friends in our reading series (Why does Macmillan McGraw-Hill/Treasures wait until book 5 to get some authentic "fun" literature??)  So we just have to fly kites this week!  I'm hoping that the weather will be a little warmer by Friday so that we can be outside for the afternoon.  Is it sad that I've never flown a kite before?  God bless that dollar store again...they had packages of 2 kites...for a dollar!!!  One dollar!  Now they may not be the best but who cares!  They're going to even be fun hanging from my ceiling this week!  I was able to put them together...
 But how do I attach this piece?
 Do I tie it to the front or back of the kite?  Or do I tie it toward the bottom??  I'm clueless!  Any advice would be helpful! :)

Then, because we've been measuring things in math, I was originally looking for those stretchy frogs that the kiddos could fling across the room and measure the distance they flew but I couldn't find any today.  The dollar store came through for me again!  They had these plastic frogs as party favors.
So we'll be having a little frog hopping competition at some point this week so that we can practice measuring!

I'm just a Chatty Kathy today...but just one more thing...I had 2 days of iPad training this week and have a ton of fun apps to share but since I feel like I've chatted your ear off, I'm just going to share this website with you today:

It's so cool!  It has a "Free App of the Day" and they're good ones! The only thing is that you need to still shop for it in the App Store and you need to remember to visit the site each day (which to be honest, I don't really but when I remember I do!).

Okay...I think I've caught you up for the most part!
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


  1. About your kite handle, there should be a little tab on the kite that has a hole punched in it. This is where you attach the string. If it doesn't have one of those then good luck to you!

    You have totally inspired me to want to drive over to my local Family Dollar. I love that store! Actually I think mine is General Dollar, but same thing right?

    Second Grade Math Maniac Blog

    1. Thanks Casey! I found a plastic thing on the back in the center but I didn't notice a hole. Should I just tie a string around it and knot it? Everything is $1.00 at our store...EVERYTHING! We have a Dollar General too which I hit up on occasion, but I love those dollar deals! :)

  2. I just found your blog and I love it so far!!

    Lohren Nolan

    1. Thanks Lohren! Heading over to check you out now! :)

  3. I always like to see what people buy at dollar stores. I am like the worst bargain shopper in the world. I love your haul! You'll have fun flying kites. For some reason they seem miraculous to me. :)

    First in Maine