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Monday, July 7, 2014

Look What I Made~Story Stones!

I finally had time to make something I pinned a long time ago...and it actually turned out!

They were so fun to make and a little addicting too!

I went to Pat Catans (it's a craft store here in Ohio) and picked up a few bags of "River Rocks" for $2.00 a bag.  Each bag weighed about 2 pounds and when I opened them up, there were about 20 rocks.  The amount of rocks depend on the size of the rocks.  I then picked up a ton of random stickers, some Mod Podge and a can of Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating.

I stuck the stickers on the rocks, took them outside in a box and sprayed them 3 times with the acrylic coating.  One thing I realized is that you're going to want to use "typical" stickers.  The thicker stickers were a little tougher to stick.  I also took some old magazines, cut out small pictures and Mod Podged them to the rocks.  Once the Mod Podge was dried, I gave them 3 coats of the acrylic coating too. Once the third coat of acrylic coating was applied, I forgot about them and let them dry for a day or two.

I think they'll be a great addition to the writing corner in my classroom!  They can be used in so many ways!  At the beginning of the year, they'll be used to help write random sentences when we can't think of something to write about.  As the year continues, they can use them to help them write stories.  The children could even pick 3 rocks and use them to write an interesting story.  I'm so excited!  The only downfall...they're going to be heavy!  I am going to put our Story Stones in a bucket so that the children can dig through to find the stones they want.  

Now I'm off to find some seasonal stickers (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) so I'll have some Story Stones to add to the bucket during the holidays.

Have a great day!

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