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Welcome! I hope to use this blog to share some of the amazing things my class and school does to make learning fun! I have been teaching for 15 years already! I started teaching 3rd grade in a Parochial School, then I was hired to teach 1st grade for three years, was moved to 5th grade for 2 years, and then came back to 1st grade in the district where I attended school. I love that I'm able to give back the the school district that guided me to become the teacher I am today! I have a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, certified 1-8; a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction; and my Administrator License Pre-K-12.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Drumroll Please...

We have a winner!!!
Heather, from Hoot Hoot's your lucky day!!!
You can e-mail me at:!
As always, my little give-away has grown from the $25.00 gift card to Target to some more fun!  My new friend, Terri from The First Grade Princess has sent a few goodies from The Aloha State to help in my celebration and I've found a few more fun things throughout the week while shopping.

Hey Heather...Here's what's coming your way!

Straight from Hawaii, you're getting some postcards, a Hawaiian calendar, a few keychains and a Starbucks gift card that just happens to be a collectors edition because you can only get them in Hawaii!

From the Buckeye State (that's me), you're going to get your gift card to Target, some silly post-it notes, an obnoxious squawking chicken that works as a stress reliever as well as a "non-verbal cue" to get the attention of your darlings (ha! ha!).  I always like to throw in a splash of Ohio so I picked up a huge souvenir map from Cedar Point!  It's bright and colorful and could be used in so many different ways!  I'm also including two new activities I'm going to upload to my Teachers Pay Teachers shop this weekend and the book to go with one of the activities!

I can't thank everyone enough for joining my give-away!  It was so much fun to get all of my new followers too because I now have TONS of new blogs to stalk!  :)  Love it!

Now...a special bonus surprise...if you're interested...
I'm going to send one of those huge Cedar Point souvenir maps to the first three friends to comment on this post with their e-mail address!  Here's what it looks like when it's opened up:

Tons of potential for fun...and oh yeah...learning too!  :)

Okay friends...that's it for today!
Talk soon!


  1. Congratulations heather. That map looks so cool I can't wait to see what goodies you are posting this weekend. I might need to get that printer over here, lol


  2. Hi Terri! I'll get a map in the mail to you this weekend!