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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hobby Lobby Field Trip

Oh dear friends...Hobby Lobby is the most amazing place ever.  I have to admit though...everyone always shared their treasures they found for their classrooms....I had no idea all of the funky fun home stuff!  If I had my dream home, I could have done some SERIOUS damage!  But because I'm waiting for my house, I behaved.  Let me tell you something...when I move...I'm heading to Hobby Lobby FIRST to purchase some fun stuff!  I went with my sister and my two nieces yesterday afternoon because it was a gloomy day.  All of us were first timers so you can only imagine the accelerated heart beats when we saw those rhyming orange words!  When we walked in my first thought was, there should be a map for a heaven like this!  Everything we looked at or wanted was on 50%-66% off!  Is it always like this??  My sister found tons of wall art for her home and lots of cute things for the girl's bedrooms!  So fun!

Me, on the other hand remembered my motto..."I will have control.  I will not go crazy.  I will be smart and savvy."  I really was this time because I think I was so overwhelmed with everything!  Here's what I bought...

I love my "Dream Big" and "Explore, Dream, Discover" signs and I think they'll look great hanging in my classroom.  I plan on decoupaging the letters and finding a cute place to put them in my classroom too.  Then there's the cute Pirate banner I found!  Of course I had to have that and my heart was wishing they had a few more piratey things for me!

Using this plate for an appetizer I'm making for our 4th of July picnic today~Feta Dip!  Here's what it's supposed to look like!
Click here for the recipe!

One complaint...Hobby need to invest in bigger carts!  By the time we were heading to the registers we had to have both girls walking instead of riding in the cart!  :)

After 2 1/2 hours in Hobby Lobby we then headed to Walmart where I found these for like a dollar!  Magnetic words and letters!  These will definitely be put to good use this year!

Bourbon-Lemonade Iced Tea
Well...I need to go and make my Bourbon-Lemonade Iced Tea for our picnic this afternoon!  It is the most amazing iced tea ever and you can make it as strong or weak as you wish...we love bourbon, so our iced tea is a little stiff!  I've linked the recipe to the caption below the picture!

Lisa from Super Pig and Tyrant King awarded me with the One Lovely Blog Award!  It's my second time receiving this award so I need to do a little searching to find some brand new bloggers to pass it along to!  Hey!  Wait a minute!  If you're reading this and you haven't received this award yet, leave me a comment and I'll put you on my list when I do my next post!  Thanks!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July!  We'll be watching the fireworks at Cedar Point tonight! It's going to be crazy busy but they do an amazing show!


  1. Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite places! I love your pirate banner. I'm going to have to go back & find that for my classroom. Was that in the party section?
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Hi Lisa! Yep! I found the banner in the party section...kind of wishing I picked up two of them! :)

  2. I love your Hobby Lobby finds! Isn't it the best place EVER?

    First Grade Magic

  3. Love your finds!! Hobby Lobby is great!!


    1. Now I know how wonderful it is! I feel like I'm a proud member of the Hobby Lobby Fan Club! :)