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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daily 5 Conference!

Yesterday was Christmas in July for me!  I woke up and was on the road early to be in Ypsilanti, Michigan to see "The 2 Sisters" present their Daily 5 Workshop!  Instead of sharing my personal notes on the day, I think I'll share the resources they gave us...there were a ton and needless to say...I have a whole other list of books I want to purchase and read! :)  If you've never heard of The Daily 5, it does not hold content.  Instead, it's a structure to teach your kiddos how to be independent (so that you can manage small groups and work one-on-one with kiddos).

If you ever get the opportunity to attend one of their workshops, I totally recommend it!  You can check out their tour schedule by visiting their website (listed below).  When I checked in I received their "handouts" that are in book (a REAL book) and DVD that shows a sample of their program in action along with your name tag and a pad of post-it notes.

But here's the best the day goes on, you receive the things they talk about as gifts!  I swear it was like Oprah's Christmas Special for a few of the teachers!  :)  Here's a picture of my gifts!

  • Dex, The Heart of a Hero by Caralyn Buehner and illustrated by Mark Buehner is a story about a daschund who wants to be a superhero.  It's a cute story that "The Sisters" use to help teach stamina to their students.
  • Falling Down the Page-A Book of List Poems edited by Georgia Heard is a book of poetry by several different poets.  It has some great ones to use all year!
  • We received a four pack of Eye Lighters that will help our readers with fluency, tracking and comprehension.  They are available in 4 different colors and we received all 4 colors-yellow, blue, green, and pink.  The website lists them at just $1.25 so I'll probably order enough to use in small groups with those kiddos who will benefit from them!  (There's research on the connection between the color and the success of the student.  Check out Reading By The Colors by Helen Irlen for details!)
  • We also received a small sand timer to help those kids with time management when they're reading or working.
  • The blue check mark is used for "Check for Understanding" which is a component of "Read to Someone" in their Daily 5 Workshop.  I found them on Learning Loft's website for $6.95 for a pack of 6-two red, two blue, and two green.  It's called a Check-A-Roo and I think I'll be ordering a class set of these...they're very durable and I think they just might survive the school year!
  • Our final gift of the day was a wind chime for us to help with transitions from one activity to the next.  I was worried that it would be too twangy and harsh, but when I got it home, I was was actually kind of calming.  It's a J.W. Stannard Wind Chime.  I didn't have any luck finding it on the J.W. Stannard website, but I did find it on Amazon (linked above) and as of today it's out of stock.  (Probably because there were like 400 teachers at yesterday's conference and "The Sisters" bought all of them for us.)

Then "The Sisters" shared all of the research they implemented into their program.  I loved this part because we know what works best for kids, but now we have the research! :)  Here's a list of their books and the research they used!

"The Sisters" also spoke very highly of the following people who have spent their lives researching what works best for children:
  • Richard L. Allington
  • Nancie Atwell
  • Regie Routman
  • Brian Cambourne
  • Ken Goodman
  • Dr. Ken
  • Michael Grinder
  • Randy Sprick
Tons of information!  Lots to think about!  A bit overwhelmed...but in a good way! :)

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