My First "Back to School" Purchases for My New First Graders!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Love Those Target Dollar Bins!

Well...I made my first purchases for my new first graders today!  It felt really good as I think I'm getting the itch to get back into my classroom and start planning!  :)
So...not everything was $1.00 and their bins weren't completely full of school stuff but I did find a few goodies...
Our Target had a few Dr. Seuss vinyl bags.  I still have several left over from last year, but I couldn't remember if I had these so I picked them up for only a dollar each!  Thinking I'll use them to send home work when kids are absent, use to hold differentiated materials, etc.  LOVE them!
Found these fun rubber stamp sets for $2.50 each...I see these in my literacy and math work stations!

I couldn't pass up these metal ABC pails for $2.50 each.  They come in pastel colors and I'm thinking about using them to hold my magnetic letters for the kiddos to use for one of our literacy stations.  My classroom door is metal, so I'm thinking that they could just take the bucket to the door and create words and sentences with the magnetic letters.

And then I just had to wander to the Back to School corner!  Good thing I did because I found these composition notebooks I'll use for our journals.  They're only 40 cents each and there's a limit of perfect!  I can start labeling them with my student's names!  :)
Thinking about heading into school tomorrow to drop off my goodies and see if my custodians have cleaned my room!  :)


  1. I am SO jealous that you found the alphabet stamps! I love using these in my classroom and would love to get more of them (for $2.50!) but the Target here didn't have now I am on the hunt for a Target around here that does! Thanks for sharing your finds!


  2. Hi Haley!
    I had every intent of purchasing some stamps for you on my visit to Target tonight but they were completely gone! Good luck on your search!