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Monday, February 20, 2012

Melody Monday

Happy President's Day!
From what I'm seeing it looks like some of you are off to work this morning! My district is finishing the last day of a 4 day weekend before we head back for 6 more weeks of school until Spring Break! That sounds like forever...but my brother-in-law has the count down...I think we're at about 39 days! I like the day count better. It seems more manageable. :)

So...Melody Monday!
I want to share kind of an addicting site with you that has TONS of television and movie tunes on it...for free!
To be honest, I kind of forgot about this site until I was thinking about what tunes I wanted to share with you today. So first of all, when you click on the image above you'll be directed to the Television Tunes website. You can type in what you're searching for like "Welcome Back Kotter" and you'll be able to listen and download that magnificent theme song! :) Oh! And you can send it to your phone to use as a ringtone! A presenter used this theme song to get a group of teachers back on track after a break a few years ago. You can also find the theme songs for Arthur, Clifford, Martha Speaks, The Brady Bunch...ANYTHING! I also found music from The Electric Company (silent e, _tion, the or song...), Sesame Street, and Reading Rainbow. There's also sound clips from ABC, NBC, CBS...I even found the 1972 broadcast music that introduced the Apollo 16 mission. And who could forget Misfits of Science with Courtney Cox! (I forgot about it.) I have no idea why I liked that show so much...I just watched some You Tube clips of it and was laughing out loud! For some reason I really dug that van/old ice cream truck thing they all drove around in while on their science missions!

So're probably thinking yeah's fun to explore but how in the world do you use this site in your room? Well...who says you can't get your kiddos back on track with the "Welcome Back Kotter" theme song? And how about using the "Fantasy Island" theme song as a writing prompt? "The plane! The plane!" (Who is on the plane? Where is the plane going? Why...) And how about using the "Family Feud" and "Jeopardy" theme songs with all of those kid-friendly Family Feud and Jeopardy games that are out there? And I'm thinking I'm going to be using the "Misfits of Science" theme song with the units I'm hoping to create this summer when I embrace my new science standards! I just download what I want then I attach them to my smart board slides! My kiddos usually laugh at me when the "nostalgic" tunes are being played in our room. I treat "The Love Boat" theme song like it was the best song ever! :)
Click on the link below to "sail" down memory's okay...I won't tell anyone!
When will this show make a comeback?
Hello Hallmark Channel or need to start playing this series!
You're missing the boat!
Oh my gosh! I'm a funny one today! :)
Hope my silliness wasn't too much for you!
I just think that the Television Tunes website is a lot of fun and can totally be utilized for classroom use!
Have a great Monday!


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    1. I know!!! I always dreamed of being Julie McCoy! She was just awesome! :)

  2. lol I have a Cd with all the old show tunes of course the kiddos don't have a clue about most of them!

    1. Oh my gosh! That CD has to be wonderful!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm your newest follower! And thanks for sharing about The Daily Five, I need all of the info I can get!

    The Daily Alphabet

    1. Hi Angela!
      Have you checked out the Daily 5 website? Tons of resources are on it too...and they're really good about answering questions!

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    1. Thanks Michelle!
      Your blog is adorable too! :) I just became your newest follower!